Thursday, March 19, 2015

The Space Probe Approach to Finding Success

There are a number of different things that I do. I do web development, music, 3D art and animation and this writing thing. The problem is that it is hard to find the time to do them all and it is hard to decide where I should put my efforts in next. So, I sometimes take the space probe approach to things. Let me explain.

NASA has sent out space probes with various things like information about our planet, in the event that there may be intelligent life out there in the universe other than us. It's like sending something out to see if someone finds it. That's what I do with my work.

I will put something out there to see if it draws a lot of attention. If it does, I will do more work of that kind. So I might work on a new website to see how well it will do. If it doesn't draw much attention, I move on to the next thing. Maybe I will do a music video. If it draws minimal attention, I move on to the next thing. So what I end up doing is prioritizing as to what I will be doing next instead of trying to do everything at the same time. I just send out a probe to see who will find it. 

The thing is that there are times when the various things we do don't yield the results that we hope they would. Hey, that's just part of life. Not everything we do pans out or ends up being a great success. We just have to make that extra effort to not get too discouraged if things don't go our way. It's just back to the drawing board. in my case, the drawing board is usually a computer.

You may also want to take into consideration the fact that certain opportunities may arise from things you may have done well in the past. I have had people contact me through one of my websites and with them came new opportunities. so, in many cases, the work you have done in the past can lead to new things in the future. So it's not a waste of effort.

Keeping your eyes open for new opportunities is a good thing to do as well. Sending out that space probe can help you to stumble onto those new opportunities. Well, I have to go now, it's about time for liftoff, see you later.

Photo Credit: Image created by Bob Craypoe, also known as R. L. Crepeau

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