Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Reaching People Through the Internet

As the picture to the left would indicate, life is full of surprises. Every now and then, I am reminded of that.

I have been active on the Internet in a lot of ways throughout the years. I have been a  webmaster of my own websites, posted my articles, uploaded my music and my 3D artwork and animation. Occasionally, I am contacted by someone who has seen my work that will be nice enough to take the time to give me some feedback. Personally, I find it amazing how many people we have the potential to reach through the Internet.

On my website, I have a lot of features like online guitar lessons, mandolin chords, banjo chords, soprano recorder songs and scales and so on. Among those features are fingerstyle guitar lessons that teach how to fingerpick on the guitar. I was recently contacted regarding that.

Someone from Germany, who runs a guitar school asked for permission to distribute the downloadable files to his students to use as part of their instruction. I granted him permission on the condition that the files not be altered in any way. The logo and the web address were to remain at the bottom of the downloadable document. All I wanted was the credit for what I had created and the possibility of increasing traffic to my website. I thought that was a reasonable request.

Now as to what I find so amazing about this whole thing is the fact that something I created on the computer from my own home in the United States is reaching people across the Atlantic. Something I created is being used to instruct musicians located in Germany. I don't know about you but I think that is amazing. So the fact is that there is really no telling how many people you may be capable of reaching through the Internet yourself.

I love the Internet. I love the fact that something I have created can have the potential to be seen by anyone, located anywhere that has internet access. There is really no telling what impact that may have on the lives of others. Maybe one of those musicians learning from what I created will turn out to be a great musician someday and actually become famous. Imagine that.

Another thing you can imagine is the possibility that you may reach a lot of people. Maybe you've wanted to write online articles. Maybe you've wanted to post your music or artwork on the Internet. Well, I say go for it. You really never know how many people you can reach or influence. I can tell you from my own experience that it is a great feeling to know that people not only see what you've created but actually appreciate it as well. It's a great feeling and I hope you get to feel it one day yourself. Give it a try and see. I wish you all the luck in the world with it. Good luck.

Bob Craypoe. also known as R. L. Crepeau