Thursday, March 19, 2015

How to Create and Sell Your Own Merchandise

Recently I began working on a site called that features some punk rock cartoon characters. The website has some free desktop wallpapers available for download as well as a comic strip. I created all of that in the hopes that I may popularize the characters and be able to do some merchandising featuring the characters that I created. I also recently finished working on creating some merchandise that I can sell from my website.

The website that I created the merchandise and sell through is called There is also another one named, that I have made my own merchandise through as well. They both allow you to take your own images and create T-shirts, posters, wall clocks, mugs, stickers, mousepads and more. I used one of my own images to create the T-shirt  I have displayed to the left. 

There is also another website where I sell art prints featuring my own 3D artwork and that site is called They even give you code to embed into your web pages that allows you to sell the art prints directly from your own website.

All of the websites I just listed handle all of the transactions for you and all of the products are made to order, so there is no financial risk for you because you don't have to have a lot of merchandise made up in advance to try to sell yourself. Some of these sites offer money back guarantees as well, in the event someone is not satisfied. They handle all of that for you too.

The only thing you have to do is try to find ways to direct people to your website or your products page on any of the sites listed. That's the hardest part, if you ask me. Creating the merchandise and setting it up for sale is really the easy part.

So if you ever wanted to know how to create and sell your own merchandise on the Internet, now you know.

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