Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Some Thoughts on Detailed Character Development

I recently began working on a new website called Punksters.net. The site features Punk Rock characters. I created the characters in Daz Studio. After I created the physical characters, I developed names and characteristics for each one.

I am a musician, so I am able to use some of my experiences as a musician for material and ideas regarding the characters. But, for starters, I had to name the characters. Since they are punk rockers and they are normally associated with being wild and destructive, I decided to give them names to match. So from left to right (displayed in the image) are Bing, Bang, Crash and Boom.

I got the idea to name the one Bing because when I first started developing him, he sort of looked like Bing Crosby. Then, for some reason,  I decided to name the next guy Bang. So I then decided to go all out and name the next two Crash and Boom.

Obviously, since they are in a band, each one had to be assigned a specific purpose within the band.  Bing is the drummer, Bang is the guitarist, Crash is the singer and Boom is the bass guitarist.

But how did each guy get his nickname? Well, Bing is short for Billingsly, which is Bing's full last name. Bang's full last name is Bangston. Crash's real last name is Cash but since he gets into a lot of car accidents, they call him Crash. Boom's real last name is Bloom but since he likes to have the bass booming, they call him Boom.

Okay, so I may have induced boredom at this point. But I really do have a point to make. If you really want to have a lot to work with, you need to develop well defined characters. You need to put some serious thought into it if you want to be able to do a lot with the characters.

I intend to do a comic strip featuring theses guys as the main characters. I have also begun to develop other characters like their girlfriends, family members, co-workers and their manager. I worked out a lot of details regarding each one so far. I feel that is the best way to lay the groundwork for creating a weekly comic strip. I like to think that the hardest part is now behind me. If you are at all curious to find out more, please check out the website: Punksters.net

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