Saturday, November 22, 2014

Updating Websites Doesn't Have to Be Messy

I have a number of websites and have basically been working on them for years. I know from experience how it can be difficult to constantly update them with new content. But things can be simplified quite a bit with the use of RSS feeds.

I have many online accounts through sites like YouTube, Facebook, Pinterest, various writing sites, sites I sell merchandise through and more.

I like to use RSS feeds for all of those things. I use widgets that will display all of those feeds and place the widgets within the various pages of my websites. If I upload a new video on YouTube, it will be displayed on my website in the RSS feed I use for the YouTube channel.

When I do a post on my Facebook page, the new post will show up automatically on my website in the RSS feed for my Facebook account. The same is true regarding my Pinterest account, the site I sell my 3D artwork through and the others.

I even use an RSS feed for this blog. So when I write a new article, it will show up on the websites that have the RSS feed for this blog.

As long as I have the RSS feeds on my website, I really don't have to specifically update the site. All I really have to do is do the work I want to do on the other various sites. Just upload a new video on YouTube and it shows up on my site. Write a new blog article and it shows up on my site. You probably get the basic idea by now.

The only work I need to do on my websites is just add the widgets that display the RSS feeds from all of the other websites. I use widgets that I create from an account I have with a website called I pay an annual fee and I just make the widgets as I need them. The widgets have a lot of styling options like the font, number of posts to display, colors and size, just for starters.

Another thing you can do is use RSS feeds from news websites or websites that deal with the same subject matter you do on your sites. This helps to make it so you will have new content on your website without having to manually update your site yourself.

If you want to see and example of some of the things I am talking about, you can view them on my personal website: Please check it out.

Photo Credit: Image created by Bob Craypoe, also known as R. L. Crepeau. More of his artwork can be found on his art website: /

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