Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Welcome to Bob Craypoe's World! Who is Bob Craypoe, Anyway?

Welcome, this is the very first installment of the Bob Craypoe's World Blog. Let me just tell what you can expect in future installments:

I have a number of areas where I at least kid myself into thinking that I have some level of knowledge, experience and expertise. Those areas include such things as web development, 3D art and animation, Internet marketing, business, entrepreneurship, music, writing, computers and technology.

So, at any time, you can expect a blog post about any one of those subject areas and then maybe a few that I neglected to mention.

As a web developer, I have created a number of websites. I have received millions of page views and have personally created and uploaded over 4,000 web pages onto the Internet. My most popular website is DrPsychotic.com but all of my websites can be accessed from one location: Craypoe.com.

As a musician, I play a number of instruments and compose my own music. I have released a CD called To Infinity
that is available on Amazon.com. You can visit my music web page on  Craypoe.net. As a 3D artist, you can view my online gallery on FineArtAmerica.com.

As a writer, I have written a few e-books. One is available on Amazon.com in Kindle format called All About the Numbers: The Truth About Making Money on the Internet. I also have some other e-books available for download in PDF format.

As far as my computer knowledge goes,: I have held positions as a systems analyst, computer technician, modem technician and have worked in a technical support capacity onsite as well as on the phones. I also use a variety of software for music, audio, 3D animation and artwork and video editing.

I have also worked in managerial and supervisory positions in a number of different industries. I have owned my own business and worked as an entrepreneur in a number of capacities. I have done disaster restoration, worked in the manufacturing, retail, insurance, communications and other industries.

This article is not about bragging about what I have done or what I can do. It is about introducing you to me and giving you some idea as to what you can expect in my future blogs. Like I said, i can cover a lot of different subjects. Hopefully some of them will be of interest to you.

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