Thursday, September 24, 2015

Reduce the Redundancies and Reduce the Work

For a while I was really doing a lot of work on certain things but was not really going anywhere. It's like my tires were spinning and I wasn't getting any traction. Maybe you've been there yourself and maybe you are there now.

Something thing that I have noticed that would be a contributing factor to that would be the various redundancies you may have in your day to day operations. perhaps you have been trying to expand but in reality, you just spread yourself too thin to be effective in any of the areas you are attempting to branch out in.

I had a number of websites and some got a lot of traffic while others not so much. it got to the point where updating the poor performing ones was just entirely too much work and simply not worth the effort anymore. So I decided to take the content from the poor performing sites and migrate it over to the better performing ones and give the poor performing ones the ax.

Now, since I no longer have to worry about those sites anymore, I can allow the domain names to expire. I have decided to allow about ten domain names to expire. So it should save me a substantial amount of money each year by not having to renew them.  But the biggest plus is that it just makes it so much easier to maintain my websites.

I also have a number of blogs that I will stop doing as well. I will continue this one though, so don't worry, if you are worried, that is. it's just that some of my blogs had similar themes and there was just no realy point in tryint to come up with new blog posts for all of these different blogs. that meant that they weren't being updated as often as they probably should be and the one thing that is important about having a blog is that you post regularly. Otherwise people lose interest.

So with the combination of reducing the number of websites I maintain and reducing the number of blogs I post to, it really simplifies things significantly. it's really about reducing the redundancies in order to free up time so that the time I have can be spent more productively.

The process of consolidating things is still going on but I am confident that once it has all been completed, things will be much easier for me to maintain. It should also be a lot less time consuming as well. believe me, I can always find something to do with the freed up time. make no mistake about that.

So where are your redundancies? Are there ways for you to consolidate things? give it some thought and maybe you will discover the things you should probably eliminate or scale back on. Give it a try and see if it works for you like it is for me.

Bob Craypoe, also known as R. L. Crepeau

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