Wednesday, May 20, 2015

It Takes Constant Promotion to Attain Success Online

With the many things that I have done online, I have come to the realization that in order to attain any level of success, you need to engage in constant promotion. My online activities include web development, selling of art prints, selling of my music as well as e-books.

I recently started an online comic strip called the comic strip, which features punk rock cartoon characters. I have to say that I probably spend more time promoting the comic strip, the merchandise and the website that they are on than I do creating the comic strip itself. There is no exaggeration here, it is really constant promotion.

Every time I create a new work of 3D art, I make it available for sale as art prints. So I upload it to the site I sell from and then post it on my Facebook page. I post it on my personal Facebook page as well as the various fan pages. I also post on Twitter. If I want to promote a new feature on one of my websites, I basically do the same.

Facebook and Twitter aren't the only social networking sites I am active on. I am active on a few more sites as well. So I make a point of posting on them as well. I even have a few blogs that I post things on too.

I not only post my websites and my art prints but whenever I upload new music or videos, I promote that as well. I post in Google plus groups as well as Facebook groups. Let's just say that I post wherever I can get away with posting.

I have seen the difference between actively engaging in online promotion through social media and not. Let me tell you that there is a significant difference. I can tell how effective it is by using Google Analytics as well as checking the statistics of my Blogspot blogs.

If you don't actively engage in online promotion of some kind, you will basically be depending upon people discovering what you want them to see by merely stumbling upon it. That's fine but don't expect a lot of people to do that. I am fortunate in the sense that I do have some websites that get thousands of visits a month through search engine traffic but not everybody has that advantage. Even with that advantage, It still helps a lot to post on my social media pages.

I don't only promote things that are new that would obviously need to be promoted in order for people to see. But I also promote some of the features on my various websites that already get traffic though the search engines. I figure that promoting it on the social networking sites will only make those websites even more popular.

I just recently finished an e-book that is a compilation of the first 50 comic strips for the comic strip. Once it was completed, I wrote a blog about the release of it, I wrote a blog about how I did it and I posted it all over my social networking pages. Let me just say that it is crucial that you do that sort of thing unless you have a serious advertising budget. Even if you do have a large advertising budget, it doesn't hurt to use the methods that are free like promotion on social networking websites.

It doesn't really matter so much as to what exactly it is that you are trying to promote online. No matter what it is, chances are, people will not just stumble on to it. When I say that I spend a lot of time promoting my work, I am not joking. If you don't actively engage in online promotion through the social networking websites then you may not be getting anyone to see your work, whether it is a website, a product you are selling, your music or online videos. That is the reality of the situation. You need to accept that reality and meet it head on. That's what I have done and will continue to do myself.

Bob Craypoe, also known as R. L. Crepeau is a webmaster, 3D artist, musician and the creator of the Comic Strip.

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