Friday, May 22, 2015

Always Think of the End Game to Stay on Track

It's really easy to lose focus at times, no matter what it is that you are trying to achieve. So every now and then, you need to remind yourself as to what the end game should be. You have to think about what you really want to do in the end. Otherwise, you may be setting yourself up to spend more time doing the things you don't want to do than the things you really want to do.

Years ago, I started a local arts magazine. I thought it would be a great way to break into the music scene with my own music. It helped to some degree but what I really ended up doing was spending most of my time working on the magazine and not so much time working on my music. You see, the end game that I wanted was to do more with my music, not less. That's just one example as to how you can end up losing focus and veering off into a direction you never really intended to go.

Another thing I tried was doing websites for other bands in exchange for opportunities to play at their gigs while the owners of the establishments were present. I did that to sort of use it as an opportunity to do a live audition. I got a number of gigs that way. But after while, I spent more time doing the website updates and was given less opportunities to play at their gigs and so it ended up getting to the point where it was really a waste of my time.

Still, to this day, I have to stop what I am doing and really analyze my situation, my progress and my goals. It doesn't really take much to lose focus. I think about what I am currently doing, whether or not it's something I want to continue to do and I also think about the things that I am not doing that I would like to be able to do. I have to think about whether or not I am moving closer to my goals or drifting away from them.

I am a creative person. I like to do a number of creative things. I do websites, 3D art and animation, music and this writing thing. I also work a full time job. So needless to say, I manage to keep myself pretty busy. The eventual goal is to just work completely for myself doing all of the creative things that I enjoy doing. I would also prefer that I make some decent money while doing so. I believe my overall goal to be a realistic one.

That's another thing that we have to think about as well. We have to think about whether or not our end game or overall goal is a realistically attainable one. Once we determine that it is, we have to keep after it.

At one time, I was completely self employed. When the economy took a major downturn, I was forced to get a job working for someone else. It was a disappointment because I really loved the freedom that I had working totally for myself. I would get up in the morning and decide what I was going to work on that day. It could be web development, my music or writing some articles. It was whatever I felt like and that was great.

So my overall goal is to get back to that but preferable with a more sustainable business model that would not be easily derailed by a downturn in the economy. Every now and then, though, I find myself working more on some of the less desirable things and less on the more desirable things and I ask myself “is this what you really want to do?” Then I tell myself “no.” So I kind of make some modifications in my activities to try to get back on track.

There are a number of ways I can try to publicize myself and promote myself online. Much of that will involve various activities that are quite time consuming. If I get too caught up in that, I set myself up to do more of those things I don't like having to do. So I try to do those things in moderation. Another thing too is the fact that if everything becomes so tedious, monotonous or boring, you may end up giving up on everything or just burn yourself out.

So the main advice I intend to give here is to stop every now and then, think of that end game and see if you are really progressing towards it. If you find that you have drifted away, try to steer yourself back onto the right path. Then maybe, the light at the end of the tunnel will soon be within site.

Bob Craypoe, also known as R. L. Crepeau

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