Monday, December 1, 2014

Hard Work Pays Off, Even if You Don't Get Paid Right Away

I have done a number of different things where I have put in a significant amount of effort throughout the years. Much of that work was done without me receiving immediate rewards. What I mean by that is that quite often I would do things without receiving any immediate monetary compensation.

You see, the way most people see things is that it is not worth it to put a lot of effort into things unless you receive those immediate rewards such as monetary compensation and other things. However, if you read the biographies of self-made millionaires who basically started with little or nothing, you will find that they had a different mindset.

As a musician, I wanted to be able to play out and make some extra money. So I had to make sure that I had enough material to be able to do that. So I set out to learn a lot of songs. I obviously was not getting paid to learn and practice those songs but I had to put in the effort in advance in order to position myself to be able to play out for extra money. So I developed a lengthy song list and eventually went out and made some pretty good money playing out as a musician throughout the years.

I am also a web developer. I put in a lot of time developing content, creating and uploading web pages for my various websites. I now have over 4,000 pages on the Internet. For years, I did not make much money from my websites but after a while, I was able to generate some income from it. When I was doing the sites and not making money from it, some people would look at me like I was crazy when I told them that I was doing all of that work and not making money. They would think "What the hell is the point of that?" Well, the point was to eventually make money from my websites, which actually happened.

As an internet writer, I was not making any money at it at first. I started out writing articles for my own websites and my websites were not really getting a lot of traffic in the beginning. So I was really only receiving a very limited amount of article views. That obviously meant I was not making a lot of money from my writing. But now I make a decent amount of extra income from writing on the Internet. I do it on a few different sites as well as doing my own blog like the one you are reading now.

I make extra income from writing on the other sites but I don't make much from doing my own blog. I am doing my own blog in the hopes that I will build a following and in the hopes that, over time, my blogs will show up in searches and I end up getting a lot of free search engine traffic.

I also started getting into 3D art and animation. I would create one image after another and now I have and online gallery of my work with made available for sale as art prints. I also use much of my work to accompany my online articles. So I use those images to help draw attention to my writing, which I make some money from. So even if I didn't sell a single art print, I would still be able to use them on my websites and articles and make money from them. It took a while to build up my gallery and I was not making money from it while doing it. My online gallery can be found at:

Doing all of the different things that I do is a way of diversifying my income generating potential. However, most often, if you want to diversify your activities, you will have to learn new things. Learning new things takes a bit of effort and you have to put in the time. That will usually mean that you will have to put that time and effort into something that you are not earning money from right away. The money usually comes a little further down the road.

If you are interested in seeing one of my websites that I am referring to, you can go to: If you go there, you will see a lot of pages. That site itself is over 3,000 pages. It has made me a good amount of money for me over the years.

Again, I want to reiterate that you can read the biographies of many self-made millionaires and you will find that they often put in the time and effort for things that they did not receive immediate monetary compensation or rewards for. They looked at things from a long term point of view. They looked at the big picture. Maybe you should too.

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